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Weekly Meditations and Positive Affirmations:

The Gate of Tiphereth


In the Presence of All of Creation,

       We honor your path and invite you to embark  on a journey through

        of the Tree of Life with us! The Spirit of Tiphereth welcomes you to meet

          with your higher self and share in the peace and harmony of unity with All 

That Was, Is and Ever Shall Be!


For you and your naturally special gifts. We of the Spirit of Tiphereth through our metaphysical market, located at 1273 W. Broad St. in Columbus, desire to provide you guidance and support through this Life's Journey. We of the Spirit of Tiphereth offer psychic, tarot, past life and intuitive readings. As well as Shamanistic, meditation, Chakra attuning, & energy work services. In order to fulfill your interests and longings for what once was  and your hopes for what may someday come to be. ​We also provide tools for your spiritual and mystical interest such as candles, incense, charms, jewelry, wall hangings, oils, crystals and much more. So as to assist You on Your Fantastic Journey of Discovery and Enlightenment. The Quest of awakening, the Divine within. We look forward to Spiritual Growth with You. At the Spirit of Tiphereth.

Tiphereth is Perception

Connect with Pachamama, Mother Earth, through a variety of ceremonies and rituals. Honor our ancestors and commune with animal spirits. Learn of your inner Earth Child and the wonderful gifts you have to share with the world. Great Mother is calling to Her children. Will you listen?​​


Tiphereth is Harmony​​

Take a journey into the depths of your

inner being for healing and harmonize with higher consciousness. Our services include: Sound & Vibration Therapy, Chakra Cleansing & Attuning, Past Life Readings, Reiki and Womb Ministration through Yoni Steams and Meditation.

Tiphereth is Seat to Higher Self

There are answers to life's most pressing questions. Ask the Tarot and commune with Great Spirit. See the answers unfold with each turn of a card. 

Spirit of Tiphereth

 Metaphysical Store & Mystic Center