Spirit of Tiphereth

 Metaphysical Store & Mystic Center

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Connect with Gaia, Mother Earth, through a variety of ceremonies. Learn of your inner Earth child and the gifts given to you


Take a journey into the depths of your inner being with our services including: 

energy healing services, Chakra attuning, past life readings, Reiki and energy work​

There are answers to life most pressing questions. Ask the Tarot and commune with Spirit, see the answers unfolding with each turn of a card.

"Tiphereth is a divine place of harmony and peace with All that was, All that is and All that will be. 
Everyone  is welcome through her gates of beauty." 

We welcome everyone to our metaphysical  store in Columbus at 1273 W. Broad St. ​We offer psychic readings including tarot and intuitive, shamanistic services, past life readings, meditation, chakra attuning, & energy work.
​We also sell candles, incenses, charms, jewelry, wall hangings, oils, crystals and much more for your ritual and spiritual needs. We look forward to meeting you.​​​