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But I didn't believe at first, I was so worried that no one else could see as I did, or feel as I did. So I kept to myself and did not speak to other people about what I saw, heard or felt. Over time I began to ignore my gift, I down played what I saw as 'just my imagination', and by doing so my gift faded, or went dominant. It wasn't until years later after I met my life partner, Orach, and the death of our first born son, did my gift reawaken. 

It took me a few years before I acknowledged it and years after to cultivate and develop my spiritual gifts. I've spent countless hours studying, meditating, praying, tarot card reading, and attending classes on developing my intuitive abilities, psychic gifts, and second-sight that I am ready to teach and share what I've learned with others. 

I feel a part of my life's purpose is to guide awakened souls in understanding and developing their gifts so that we may all move toward an enlightened world, living in peace and harmony. 

Yaffah Beheler is an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church, an experienced Tarot Reader, Reiki practitioner, an intuitive and psychic reader. In 2006, she received her Bachelor degree in Cultural Anthropology from Radford University. Eager to know the beauty of life, she has journeyed to India, Central America as well as the Middle East experiencing different cultures and learning Hinduism, Judaism, ancient roots of Christianity, and Shamanism.  In 2018, she was initiated onto the pathway of the priestess of the Sacred Feminine. Following her own spiritual path, she now considers herself a Sacred Feminist and a mystic. As a mystic, she learns and cultivates a practice of truth and peace. She is currently studying for her Doctrine degree in Metaphysics with the University of Sedona. On Tuesday nights, she leads a spiritual women's group, Sisterhood Circle of Columbus, that seeks to empower women to live their truth. 

​​​​Yaffah Beheler
In peace I come to you. As far as I can remember I have always been a spiritual person--a human aware and in some way in touch with the spiritual world, the Divine, and spirits. But growing up it was difficult for me to understand the things I saw, heard and more so the things I felt. 

Some things I saw frighten me as a child. Dark shadows that followed people, black figures that stood in corners, inhuman sounds I heard in the night kept me afraid to be alone.  And still today, although I have a deeper understanding of it, some things still startle my mind. But with the darkness comes the light, those things that filled me with peace and joy. I saw white light appearing out of nothing with no source to say from where, orbs of bright beautiful colors would visit me as I slept and wake me, and even a luminous cloak appearing over people and animals. All these beings testified to a world beyond that what I knew.