​Sisterhood Circle Objectives:

  • Our intention is to help each other grow spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally in a manner of holistic  well-being.
  • We understand that our spirit is what animates us; it is the spark of life that makes us alive.
  • We are not a religion nor do we seek to start one.
  • We engage in spiritual practices to consciously connect with what makes us alive, with ourselves and with others.
  • Our Circle is a place of self acceptance and affirmation, a place where we can come and drop our masks, a safe  place to explore women issues, and a place to come home to ourselves.
  • "Come as you are" is our mantra and is honored so that all women may feel liberated to grow in freedom of  rediscovery and expression.
  • We support and encourage feminine values as well as women empowerment.
  • We honor self expression and in finding, trusting, speaking and acting upon our own truths of experience.
  • We seek to reclaim and celebrate the female energy
  • We are many faces, from many different backgrounds gathered to explore our connection to the divine.
  • We each have our own sacred path to follow and help others to find theirs.

The circle began from the friendship of three women, Yaffah, Strong Feather, and Victoria, who met regularly to share and encourage one another. They each came from different backgrounds, but their sisterly bond held them together. Last year they decided to expand the circle and invite you to share in uplifting women and honoring their strength. 

We invite women from all walks of of life to enjoy a time of reflective discussion. Our circle is one of love and peace, so feel free to share, cry and get emotional. There is no judgement here, only love. 
This is a women-only event held in honor of the Divine Feminine. Our Circle is one of unity and oneness, a support group for all women. We sit as equals. Yaffah facilitates the circle and leads in a small meditation, following introductions, and then opens the circle for evenings topic and sharing. Please know that what is spoken in the circle stays in the circle and does not leave. We are here to support each other through encouragement, love and mutual respect. 

Our circle meets every other Tuesday at 6pm. Refreshments are provided and everyone is welcomed to donate ($3) to help pay for the space.

We meet at Spirit of Tiphereth, 1273 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio. 

2018 Sister Circle Schedule: 

  • January 2nd, 16th & 30th
  • ​February 13th & 27th

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