*By participating in any reading, service, and/or gathering (online, in-person, or over-the-phone), the client agrees to waive all or any legal action against Spirit of Tiphereth LLC. and/or its associates as stated in Our Policy. *

Chakra Attuningis a form of energy healing that rebalances and reconnects energy of the seven chakras. Our experieneced mystics uses the power of Tibetan singing bowls, shaman raddles & drum to move and cleanse stagnant and negative energy from our human energy field. During this process the mystic will assess which chakra need more attention and what is needed for continued restoration. 


$40- appx. 25min 

$80 - appx. 60mins 

Shamanistic Services The Earth is our Mother. PachaMama is known by many names, one of them being Gaia. In each service we offer we seek to connect to the healing and nurturing power of the Great Mother. 

  • ​​Past Life Reflection and Soul Retrieval 
  • Sacred Circles
  • Shaman Blessings and cleansing for home, car, and personal possessions
  • Rebirth Ceremonies
  • Drum Circles
  • Rites of Passage
  • Energy Healing and Cleansing

*Pricing for each service may vary. Please contact us for more information.*

In- Home Blessing & Cleansing is a ritual to assess what areas of your home are in need of cleansing. Our experienced mystic goes through each area and each room to bless and cleanse negative or stagnant energy. Stagnant or negative energies can cause the home or area to feel chaotic or oppressive, or may be the cause of unwanted spirits. Cleansing removes the negative energy to restore peace and harmony to the home with a blessing of light and love.  

Price: $150

(Price includes material and travel for 15 mile radius from business location )

Reiki is a form of energy healing used by our practitioners to channel energy into the patient by means of hand symbols and light touch to which activates the patient's natural healing energy. This practice allows for a restoration of the patient's physical and emotional well-being.   


$30- appx. 20 mins                                                          $90 - appx. 1hr


Tarot Readings ​​provide clarity and give you options as to what decision you can make about problems or troubles you are facing.  Each reading can tell you how an event or situation may turn out and provide information on current causes. Readings can also shine light on hidden information, is a mirror for determining one’s own position in life, and is a great tool for self-awareness. 

Tarot Reading Prices:
   $30          Basic Reading ( approx. 20 mins.) 

   $75          In-Depth           (1 hr.)

Telephone Reading Prices: 

   $40         Basic Reading  (approx. 25 mins.)

   $80          In- Depth            (approx. 1hr.)

​ Intuitive Guidance Each session is individually designed to assist the client with understanding the cause of the dis-ease by delving inside the Self. By working one-on-one the Intuitive practitioner look at ways in which to help restore the client’s overall health of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies (energies). Know that each session is designed to support any therapeutic or medical treatment the client is participating in. The Intuitive practitioner does not diagnose or treat any illness, nor do they prescribe medication. Sessions are not intended as primary medical intervention. Sessions are created to compliment any pre-established medical care by bringing the subconscious mind into harmony with the physical healing process.


$60 per hour 

Psychic readings are all inclusive in that the reader may include a wide range of methods to find the answer to the question that you seek. Like asking the Tarot or their spirit guide, calling upon the aide of an ancestor, totem animal, or celestial for help, and even reading aura or the energy around you. These are just a few ways in which our experienced mystics help you. What is it that you wish to know? Your Past? Your Future? Or maybe the Karma that you are facing? No matter the question there is always an answer. (Past Life Readings are also available)


$45- appx. 30 mins.​                                                           $90- appx. 75 mins. 

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