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We invite you to join us on Sunday, April 9th as we delve into the history, tradition, and method of the Tarot. Learn how it works and discover a tool for understanding the world around you. This introductory class will open you up to the wisdom of the Tarot. 
"Origins of Tarot" is the first class in a series of courses to aid you in connecting deeper with your Tarot deck. No matter whether you are new to Tarot or already familiar with it, this class will expand your understanding and give you the confidence to read the cards with ease. 
If you have a Tarot deck, or Oracle deck, bring them. Each participant will be using their decks to gain first hand experience. 
This class lead by Yaffah and is $10 per person. 
Doors open at 3:45pm and class starts 4pm. 
Refreshments will be provided. 

For more information contact us at spiritoftiphereth@gmail.com

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April 23rd - Tarot : "The Fools Journey" - The Major Arcana
May 21st - Tarot : "Fire Speaks" - Flames of the Wands/ Staves
                - Tarot : "Water Moves" - Power of the Cups/ Chalices

Origins of the Tarot