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Orach Mordecai

Orach comes from a long line of preachers, teachers, rabbis and a family rich in faith. As a child his heart yearned for more than what he was taught to believe, so he sought God everywhere and in everything. Each time he felt as if God could be touched, the yearning for the Divine stretched, bent and broke him until he began again. Only within the shadows of his inner turmoil did he find the glory of The All within the silence of the forest. The alter of stone and wood burned at the feet of a Being too great to be contained by the bounds of flesh and blood. Trees worshiped at its feet. Birds sung sweet hymns in awe of the everything and nothingness of what they only knew to be Ein Sof. He knew, as if beyond knowing, what the shamans and rabbis could only claim as the Great Mystery. And it was there, in that place of earth and water, did he find his purpose.  

Rev. Orach Beheler is an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church and has his certification as a Reiki Master. He has journeyed to Ecuador and experience many great wonders while staying among Ecuadorian Shamans and learning from their wisdom. In 2017, Orach became an initiate in the Shamanic path under the guidance and teachings of Santiago Ayala. He practices the ways of his ancestors and maintains his connection to Pachamama and Sky Father.