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Anna "Shyne" Borsick 

We are so happy and grateful to officially announce our partnership with Anna Borsick, a dear friend and true inspiration of the Divine Presence. She brings with her a gift of herbs, essential oils, ointments, tonics and tinctures. Anna is an intuitive sharing with the world her connection to Great Spirit through intuitive readings, Spirit Art, and a deep love for crafting whether it be jewelry, artwork, altar boxes and many other beautiful handmade artifacts for your home or office. She puts love and Spirit into all that she does.

We are honored to have her as our Yoni Steam Consultant, providing healing, cleansing steams for the Sacral Chakra. Steaming is an ancient tradition and a sacred act of connection to inner divinity.

Anna Borsick is the founder of Roots of Things Soap Ministry as well as Divine Roots Apothecary. She is also the owner of a cleaning service, Divine Hands Cleaning and Tiddy Homes.She has many years of experience as a healer, motivational speaker, and a true humanitarian. Anna Borisk is a survivor, activists, and advocate for human trafficking victims and survivors.