Spirit of Tiphereth

 Metaphysical Store & Mystic Center


In peace I come to you. As far as I can remember I have always been a spiritual person--a human aware and in some way in touch with the spiritual world, the Divine, and spirits. But growing up it was difficult for me to understand the things I saw, heard and more so the things I felt. . .

About Us

Greetings! Welcome to Spirit of Tiphereth!

Spirit of Tiphereth metaphysical store and mystic center is dedicated to helping the world through inner healing and spiritual growth. We are energy aware beings here to raise the vibrations and help those that desire to do the same. Our sole purpose is to live in harmony and peace with all creatures. We believe all deities and higher beings are connected in a unified entity that is All That Is, All That Was, and All That Will Be. This Oneness reaches out, moves, lives and loves all of creation. 

Our hope is through Tarot readings, intuitive sessions, energy work, classes and the products we sale we can help people move purposefully on their journey in this life.

In peace,

The Spirit of Tiphereth Family


 Orach comes from a long line of preachers, teachers, rabbis and a family rich in faith.  As a child his heart yearned for more than what he was taught to believe, so he sought God everywhere and in everything. Each time he felt as if God could be touched, the yearning for the Divine stretched, bent and broke him until he began again. . .